Q. I've received an offensive or questionable SMS.

Firstly, we would like to apologize for any such SMS recieved by you. Our service is in no way intended for this purpose and it is rare that we receive a complaint such as this.
We firstly recommed that you block any phone numbers that you own in order to stop this happening again.
If you wish us to investigate this further then please Contact Us providing all details you can about the message you received. We will try to reply ASAP. For any queries contact admin at: info@smsian.info

Q. Which Countries do you support?

Click here for a complete list of prices.

Q. Can I be Traced?

In short, YES as apart from the Carrier, we ourselves also record each and every SMS sent alongwith the user's IP Address (which is unique to your computer).
In case of any legal investigation, we won't hesitate to provide the authorities with all the necessary details required. Therefore it is best to use our service for exactly what it is intended for; a prank.

Q. How long does delivery take?

elivery it almost always instant. However, due to network congestion which is outside of our control, it can occasionally take up to 1-5 minutes.

Q. I wish to purchase more credits than you allow

We provide two options to get more credits:

  • You can either buy more credits using PayPal, to do the same, Contact Us.
  • You can also click on "Get FREE Credits" links on your dashboard (when logged in) and complete short and FREE surveys to instantly get more credits. The number of credits depend upon the survey.